Need Help Contacting The Seller?
Do one of these options:
    - Join our discord here and contact one of our mods or Cosolix himself. 
    - Direct message us through @CosolixBrand on Twitter or Instagram.
    - Email us at

How long should it take for someone to contact us after purchasing?
Please allow up to three days for the seller to contact you. If you don't receive any messages via email or telephone, please contact us via one of the three options above.

How do I refund an order?
Please contact us on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, or Email. All the links and information is in the answer above. An order may be refunded once you contact us. Brawl Shops will hold onto the money until an order is either refunded or fulfilled. If an order has been on-going for more then two weeks, the seller will be paid and the money will no longer be refundable.